Peer Review #3

Peer: Martha Paola Ortiz
Name: Pocket Pail: Tiny Triumphs In A Time Crunch
Brief Description: Addressing how we’re so busy with our lives, that we forget to enjoy ourselves and try new things – time flies. This blog will be about addressing the fear/guilt of trying something different each week; like a bucket list but for the little things in life I wish I’d push myself to do. 

With content learned from lectures and readings, I will analyze the overall content and design of Pocket Pail and how it all ties into their website’s marketability to their intended audience group.

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The Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Art: Ethical Issues and Legitimacy of AI-generated Art

I have been an aspiring artist since I was only a few years old. Even though I am not great at it, I have put many hours into bettering my art and trying to meet industry standards. I have always worried about individuals where art comes easily to them, but haven’t let that get to me. A few years ago another worry arose, that being AI-generated art. Not only have most of the art pieces I have seen by AI-generated art been beautiful, but I have seen the use of it within the industry of graphics design and logo design, and how clients/stakeholders are opting out of the ‘human touch’ for a cheaper option. With the world increasingly advancing with technology, AI seems to only be getting more and more integrated with our online lives (i.e. Adobe Photoshop AI-generative fill, Chat GPT, etc.) multiple questions have risen up within the past few years about the legitimacy of AI-generated art; is AI-generated art ethical who gets the credit of AI-generated art, should collaboration between Human and AI-generated art be allowed for award-winning, etc.

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