Confusion Around Dance of Thieves

For a while BookTok (a community on TikTok that revolves around books) has been recommending Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson, understandably so as it’s an amazing story! But with what I’ve seen with readers in the comments, they are split into two different categories, one being that they loved the book, whereas the others think it’s confusing and not worth the hype. For a while, I wondered why people had found Dance of Thieves confusing and then I soon realized the cause of this confusion.

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Dust Jackets

As a reader with multiple hardcover books, one thing I love about hardcovers is the dust jacket. What is a dust jacket, you may ask? A dust jacket is the outer cover of a book that is detachable. Most hardcover books come with a simple design that mimics that of the paperback version. But I have recently found a couple of small businesses that do custom dust jackets.

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Top Ergodic Literature Beginner Recommendations

For those of you who haven’t heard of ergodic literature, it’s “a term borrowed from physics to describe open, dynamic texts such as the I Ching or Apollinaire’s calligrams, with which the reader must perform specific actions to generate a literary sequence. ” – Goodreads

In other words, ergodic literature makes you do more work than just reading text on a page. It usually involves puzzles, re-reading twice over, mirroring text, jumping to random pages, and much more to fully uncover the story that is being told.

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