Confusion Around Dance of Thieves

For a while BookTok (a community on TikTok that revolves around books) has been recommending Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson, understandably so as it’s an amazing story! But with what I’ve seen with readers in the comments, they are split into two different categories, one being that they loved the book, whereas the others think it’s confusing and not worth the hype. For a while, I wondered why people had found Dance of Thieves confusing and then I soon realized the cause of this confusion.

A lot of readers I have seen, just jump straight into Dance of Thieves but end up either dropping the series or not enjoying it very much. Why is that? That is because they are basically sequels to The Remnant Chronicles.

The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson contains:

  • The Kiss of Deception
  • The Heart of Betrayal
  • The Beauty of Darkness

I have read both, and going into Dance of Thieves, I realized why a lot of readers were feeling confused, it’s because they missed all the world and character-building that happened in the trilogy.

A lot say that you can read Dance of Thieves as a stand-alone but I don’t agree with that, because there is also a lot of terminology and backstories that have been described and lived through in the trilogy.

What I recommend is reading The Remnant Chronicles first, then going on Dance of Thieves. The story in the trilogy is just as amazing as the duology.

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