Peer Review #1

Peer: Andrew. C
Name: AquaVerse: Unveiling Aquatic Realms
Brief Description: Dive into stunning underwater worlds with all things aquascaping.

With content learned from lectures and readings, I will analyze the way AquaVerse has articulated its online-self by looking into the content provided if the purpose of AquaVerse is clear and going over more key aspects.

I would like to start off by saying that when I initially looked at the site, it was before October 13th, the site had multiple posts on the Landing Page that were ‘under construction’, I understood that the reasoning to do so was to have all posts that are required for this course to be up so that one could keep up with what is due each week. But showing most of them on the Landing Page had been a bit confusing because I would click on one thinking it was completed, when it truly wasn’t. This was one of the major concerns I had for AquaVerse, where I was going to suggest that there be several categories to organize all the posts for the Landing Page.

But looking at the website now (Oct. 15), everything has been sorted into three main categories (Mini Assignments, Process Posts, Peer Review) on the Landing Page. I found this to be much easier on the eyes and allows visitors to easily navigate to which post they are looking for. Not only were there three categories but each category included images that fit well with the AquaVerse identity.

Speaking of how images are quite fitting for AquaVerse, a major quality that helped with articulating and solidifying AquaVerse’s online identity was the Landing Page’s image and the overall build of the site. Not only does the image help visitors solidify that they’re visiting the right site, with a nature and water-themed image, but it’s also quite welcoming. The rounded font and image also give off a crisp and welcoming vibe to the entire site, which can be seen carried all throughout.

A few minor issues that are understandable that can be found on the Landing Page, are that there are a couple of sections with text that are simply used for fillers. Understanding how the site is being made and these are simple issues that can be fixed, first-time visitors who aren’t aware of the making of this site might get confused with the filler text. So I would recommend these to be fixed for better visitor understanding.

Moving onto the actual content posted within the site, I would say the content within is quite detailed and well-written. The process posts are detailed and allow readers to clearly understand the process of making the website and solidifying its identity, by having bolded subtitles and detailed titles for the posts.

For the future, I would recommend having a section on the home page that is ‘about you’, clearly explaining what AquaVerse is and why it was created. Even though there is a section (shown below) that states three of the main goals/purposes for AquaVerse, I believe having a section that displays a more detailed ‘about you’ as the creator of AquaVerse, Andrew, would help visitors further understand you and the identity that is trying to be created.

Another minor issue that I saw was that the title ‘AquaVerse’ was nowhere to be found on the Landing Page. The main slogan “dive into aquatic realms’, is a nice centered point on the Landing Page, but it’s a little ambiguous. Even though ambiguity is a good thing in some cases, making visitors more curious about the site and want to venture further into it, I think having the main name be a part of the Landing Page, is an important aspect to allow visitors to easily remember the name of the site, without having to remember the slogan to find the site. 

Apart from these minor issues, i believe AquaVerse is a nicely developed website that has articulated it’s online-self really well, with supporting imagery, posts, and details. It shows that Andrew has put in a lot of hard work and great understanding into this website. Continue doing an amazing job, and I can’t wait to see further developments to the site!


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