Process Post #5

Prompt: What audience have you been imagining thus far? How has that imagined audience informed your design and editorial decisions?

Imagining what my audience would be was kind of difficult, as initially starting with bullet journaling, I was imagining anyone curious about bullet journaling in itself (which is the age in the young adults to mid-thirties.

With my blog being about books, most would assume that my audience would be limited to what books I tend to read or post about, but I decided that I wanted to cater to anyone who had even the slightest interest in books. I am a person who reads all sorts of books (i.e., YA, adult, mystery, fantasy, horror, true crime, etc.). With that I wanted anyone of all demographics to feel welcome into my blog and to potentially expand their taste in books.

Having such a wide demographic makes it a bit difficult to decide on the website and post styles. Ultimately not wanting to stress too much on all the different styles that I could use, I simply designed my website to be somewhat cozy and simple. I know that not all my audience will not enjoy the way I have decided to style my website but incorporating several different design styles that I (as a book reader myself) would like to see on other book blogs, makes me a little bit more confident with my blog reaching those who are interested in reading or sharing their thoughts on books.

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