Process Post #9

Prompt: Analytics (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) is a very valuable tool for building your audience. For content creators, knowing how your reader behaves on your website can help enormously with developing the best content, posting at the right time, and developing the appropriate engagement strategies. On the flip side, for the reader or user, it can be tiresome and even worrisome knowing you are providing data trails everywhere you go online.

When initially adding the Google Analytics plug-in, I was a bit nervous because I knew that I would be very self-conscious of potential visitors and the data that it would provide.

As expected though, there were no views or visitors that were entered into the data shown to me, which made me feel both relieved and sad. I don’t know what I was expecting, since this is a random reading blog, which I have made no effort to promote. But I think a part of me was hoping that I was reaching the audience I was shooting for. Since adding the plug-in, I keep checking the analysis of data to see if there are any new visitors and I can see that this habit can spiral to a point where it could affect the content I post. So I have decided to no longer care about who visits or the lack of visitors or what the Google Analytics feature shows because my purpose for creating this website is to share my thoughts on reading and books in general.

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