Process Post #11

Prompt: Google Analytics Update

Even though I promised myself to not look at the data that has been collected concerning how many people have visited my website and what posts they have viewed, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to look at the “Insights” tab and was surprised to see what was collected.

I was honestly expecting zeros across the entire board, but was surprised to see the data. I am aware that half of the page views were probably me looking at my own site or the TA looking to grade my work, the fact that it says that there was a total of “19 Users”, is just so amazing! Yes, they only spent an average of 1 minute on the site, but I managed to keep them intrigued for a whole minute! I am happy to know that there are those who are looking for content that I have posted and I am even happier that there is a chance that I might have helped a lost reader along this journey.

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