Process Post #8

Prompt: Challenges experienced this week.

This week was a bit of a struggle. I had faced several challenges with the site in general. One of the main issues that I faced was trying to make my site more crisp regarding the layout of my posts on the landing page. I was trying to display more images with more Instagram, but I ran into multiple theme issues, that made trying to make the layout a bit hard to manage. I ended up giving in to my frustrations and decided to keep the same layout but just changed the layout into two columns instead of one.

Another challenge I faced was managing my blog posts. Even though there is a lot of information to share about books and my opinions on them, I found myself a bit overwhelmed with picking out which post I should do for the week and which would fit my aesthetic. So I found keeping up with weekly blog posts to be a bit of a challenge, but I decided to make draft posts and kind of do a word vomit in each to get all my thoughts out on the specific topic, which then I refined afterward. I found that this method lessened my frustrations and the overwhelming feeling, allowing me to continue making posts for this week and for the weeks ahead.

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