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As much as I love my bookshelf, there are many times when I wish it felt more alive, where it felt like there were little cities or worlds in between the books. I had found that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way as I delved deeper into making bookshelves feel like your own.

This is when I discovered Book Nooks. Book Nooks (sometimes called book inserts) are dioramas that are made to fit between your books. They can display many different locations and themes, some being an alleyway, a train station, a garden house, a bookstore, and so many more. It’s honestly as vast as one’s imagination can go!

Not only do the end results look beautiful on your bookshelf but it’s also quite fun to make (sort of ends up being a side hobby), sometimes…

I have stated sometimes because I have found that the cheaper book nooks tend to lack detailed instructions and cheaper parts, making assembling a lot more frustrating. Whereas, the ones you have to spend a bit more money on come with really detailed instructions (so there is a very low chance of messing up), and very durable materials. Here are my top 3 book nooks that I would suggest to those who are interested in livening up their bookshelf:

Rolife Sunshine Town Book Nook Shelf Insert

“Come and visit Sunshine Town. Here, you’ll enjoy a wonderful time in the coffee shop, book store, and more.”

This book nook was quite easy to make, but my favorite parts are the details that add to the street of ‘Sunshine Town’. It makes me feel like I can just walk down this alleyway, every time I look at my bookshelf.

Rolife Holiday Garden House DIY Book Nook Shelf Insert

“Blossom in Tranquility: Embrace the Romance of European Floral Charm.”

This book nook gives off such a cozy vibe with the little sitting chair surrounded by little posters and plants/flowers. I love the refreshing element it would add to a bookshelf.

CUTEBEE DIY Book Nook Kit (Magic Pharmacist)

If a book nook kit is not to your liking there are many craft shops that sell the book nook shell, allowing you to design the world inside with absolute creative freedom. Ever since I’ve made these book nooks, I have found that not only do the books on my shelves delve into worlds beyond the one we call Earth, but now I have visual worlds that are hidden between the books.

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