Process Post #4

This week’s prompt has been scheduled for next week’s process post, as there is a very important decision/update…

I’ve decided to once again change my site… Even though I enjoy bullet journaling and had a lot of insight on the topic that I would be able to share, I realized my interest in creating a spread every week would slowly become boring. My layouts are quite basic and I could see the repetition that would occur within each week. So with confirmation from one of my closest friends, who has my best interest in mind, I have decided to dedicate my blog to a reading blog. Not only have I been a bookworm since I was a child, but my love for books continues to grow every day. I realized that books have no limitation to them, even if I were to write a thousand blog posts about books and series, I wouldn’t even have made a dent in 0.01% of book knowledge that I would be able to share.

My new website layout would no longer try to mimic that of a bullet journal, but I would like a crisp layout that included lots of images of books. Both information and images will follow a grid-like structure, to further emphasize the crisp layout and allow users to easily follow the information that I am providing (the image below is a rough sketch of what I am trying to replicate).

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