Dust Jackets

As a reader with multiple hardcover books, one thing I love about hardcovers is the dust jacket. What is a dust jacket, you may ask? A dust jacket is the outer cover of a book that is detachable. Most hardcover books come with a simple design that mimics that of the paperback version. But I have recently found a couple of small businesses that do custom dust jackets.

The Dusty Shop – Throne of Glass Dust Jacket Set

The Dusty Shop is a shop I found recently that provides such detailed dust jackets, with each image relating to the content within the book. The art they use is absolutely stunning and portrays the characters and their emotions within the image.

The Dusty Shop provides dust jackets for other series such as A Court of Thorns and Roses, From Blood and Ash, The Folk of The Air, and Kingdom of The Wicked. All of the others also have remarkable art that portrays the beauty of each character within each book.

Juniper Books – The Wheel of Time Dust Jacket Set

Juniper Books has been one of my favorite dust jacket shops for a while now, they provide more simple designs but they are still absolutely stunning! My favorite dust jacket set they sell is for The Wheel of Time series. Not only is the design intricate, but it’s also very elegant and fluid. I have seen some with these dust jackets on their bookshelves and they always take my breath away.

Some may ask why one would spend money on dust jackets for hardcover books that already come with them, but it is all down to the reader and how they would like to make their bookshelf their own. And some may say these dust jackets are pricey, which they are, but they are absolutely worth the detail and quality they come with.

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