Peer Review #2

Peer: Steph Malt
Name: The Weekly Grain of Malt
Brief Description: Explore The Adventures of a Malt’s Life Through Writing and Media

With content learned from lectures and readings, I will analyze the overall design of The Weekly Grain of Malt using 5 design principles that were discussed in class (Balance, Rhythm, Proportion/Scale, Contrast/Point of Focus, Unity/Harmony)

The home page has a great use of symmetry with a big header and then the rest of the posts being divided into two columns, still maintaining a visual equilibrium.

The same typography and layout of each post is used, allowing the site to allow users to flow through the site with ease. With the repeated layout, users are able to expect what will be displayed when scrolling further into the homepage (more posts, in a two column grid).

Only thing that I find breaks the rhythm of the home page are the posts that are specifically for PUB101, as they do not fit the same image layout (the posts that are made for the blog have a center image that looks like it was professionally taken, where as the images used for posts that are required of PUB101 look as though they are personally made, which is totally fine, but it throws off the flow of the readers’ eyes as they go down the home page). I suggest maybe having a clear barrier that would separate the two, while still updating the newest post to each of the sections (preferably PUB101 stuff at the bottom section).

I really like the use of the large scale image on the home page, that leads into the post correlating to that image. The way the image is large that it cuts off midway makes the reader want to scroll down further to see the full image, which then leads to the rest of the posts. It’s a simple and nice use of proportion to intrigue the reader.

The dark black typeface on the white background already adds nice contrast to the pages. One of my favourite uses of contrast on the pages are the “continue reading” buttons, where there is the bold black button, with white text within, simple but effective.

Most images to each posts are quite vibrant, also adding contrast to the site.

All of design aspects that have been talked about have added a great sense of unity to the site and have allowed it all to flow. Again my only concern being the few images that do not mesh well with majority of the posts, and having a clear seperation between PUB101 posts and blog posts.

Overall the website has an amazing overall design and fulfils most design aspects that were discussed in class. I look forward to seeing the further growth of the Weekly Grain of Malt.

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