Process Post #7

Prompt: What design aspects have you incorporated to help create an identity that reflects your website’s purpose?

With class readings, I have learned a lot about design principles and aspects that can be incorporated to help users have a more pleasant experience while going through my site and also help create a stronger/professional identity. There were 5 design principles that were discussed in class, these being Balance, Rhythm, Proportion/Scale, Contrast/Point of Focus, and Unity/Harmony.

I have tried my best to incorporate all design aspects but mostly focusing on balance and contrast. With balance, I have gone for a more symmetrical approach to my website with a little bit of asymmetry in my posts. Even though there is a bit of asymmetry, there is multiple sections that have asymmetry that is opposite from the other, so that it still balances out the site. This leads to the contrast I have included in my site. One example is with the landing page, where I have a colorful image as the banner but have included a white rectangle to still present my website name. I believe the white against the busy background is a nice incorporation of contrast. Examples like these can be seen throughout some of my blog posts as well.

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