Process Post #2

Prompt: Write a blog post about the installation and setup work you did this week: your decisions, your rationales; make sure you link out to at least a couple of other resources. How does what you’ve created so far relate to the vision board you made last week?

The process of creating and setting up a website was quite simple, and there were many videos online that showed me a step-by-step process of how to create a basic website with WordPress. However deciding what my site should be called was a huge obstacle for me, even though I was informed that it didn’t matter too much.

Initially, I wanted to create a blog where I could document my 3D animation development. But, I’ve decided to go a more doable route of posts, going from 3D animation to bullet journaling. Even though I thought that posting weekly about 3D animation and creating 3d content would further develop my skills in that field of design, I found that not only would it be difficult to keep up with but the posts would be simply of me following other tutorials, without any content to post except a final result and the challenges I went through. Sure the content would show my 3D animation, but the content wouldn’t be original unless I was the one making a tutorial on how to design an original design. So I decided to share my knowledge of Bullet Journaling. I have been doing bullet journaling for several years now and I would be a lot more proficient with it than with 3D animation.

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