Ambitious 2023 Reading Goal

At the beginning of 2023, I had a goal to read 22 books. These 22 books included the following:

  • Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas (8 books)
  • Caraval series by Stephanie Garbe (3 books)
  • The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson (3 books)
  • Dance of Thieves Duology by Mary E. Pearson (2 books)
  • The Celestial Kingdom series by Sue Lynn Tan (3 books)
  • Alex Stern series by Leigh Bardugo (2 books)
  • Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo (2 books)

Unfortunately, I am nowhere near close enough to accomplishing that goal with only a few weeks left until the new year, as I have only read 8.

But as some of you may already know I am currently in the middle of reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. I have finished 3 out of 8 (Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, and Heir of Fire), leaving me with 5 more books within the series to read before I complete the Throne of Glass series, but I want to finish the series by the end of the year. Am I being too ambitious? Maybe… Probably… 99% for sure. BUT, I have done some calculations to make this challenge seem a little less intimidating.

Page Count
The Assassins Blade317
Queen of Shadows672
Tower of Dawn688
Empire of Storms720
Kingdom of Ash992
Total Number of Pages3389

There are 42 days left until January 1st, 2024. So I decided to round down to complete the series in 35 days.

To complete 3389 pages within 35 days, I would need to read approximately 100 pages (technically 98.83 pages, but just rounded up). Even though 100 pages every day sounds like a lot I believe that I will be able to complete this challenge and get through the Throne of Glass series by the end of the year. It may not be the initial 22 books but I would be happy with 3389 pages within 35 days and to have read 14 out of 22 books from my initial 2023 goal…

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