Process Post #12

Prompt: Overall experience

This was an experience that I will most definitely not forget. I am surprised by my growth and all the challenges I have overcome. I went from a 3D animation blog to a bullet journaling blog, to finally a reading/book blog.

I have to give credit to those who make blogging and creating an aesthetic website look super easy. This experience definitely had me questioning my life choices at certain points, but it also opened my eyes to building my online self and further strengthening my identity as “Reading Bumble Bee”.

Even though I am no longer required to continue blogging because the semester is over, I think I will continue regardless. This blogging experience has made me a stronger reader and communicator. I wish to continue building myself and sharing my opinions on books. I hope that my blogs will eventually reach more of my targeted audience and potentially help even one individual.

Thank you for a remarkable experience PUB 101.

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