Mini Assignment #4 – Remix

I have remixed a video of a Tiktoker (@booksaresick) cracking the spine of a book and an iconic one-liner from Michael Scott from The Office.

P.S. I’m not targeting this Tiktoker, I absolutely love their other booktok content, just thought this was the best video I could find when it came to people breaking the spine of a book!

Process Post #9

Prompt: Analytics (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.) is a very valuable tool for building your audience. For content creators, knowing how your reader behaves on your website can help enormously with developing the best content, posting at the right time, and developing the appropriate engagement strategies. On the flip side, for the reader or user, it can be tiresome and even worrisome knowing you are providing data trails everywhere you go online.

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Peer Review #2

Peer: Steph Malt
Name: The Weekly Grain of Malt
Brief Description: Explore The Adventures of a Malt’s Life Through Writing and Media

With content learned from lectures and readings, I will analyze the overall design of The Weekly Grain of Malt using 5 design principles that were discussed in class (Balance, Rhythm, Proportion/Scale, Contrast/Point of Focus, Unity/Harmony)

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Confusion Around Dance of Thieves

For a while BookTok (a community on TikTok that revolves around books) has been recommending Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson, understandably so as it’s an amazing story! But with what I’ve seen with readers in the comments, they are split into two different categories, one being that they loved the book, whereas the others think it’s confusing and not worth the hype. For a while, I wondered why people had found Dance of Thieves confusing and then I soon realized the cause of this confusion.

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Process Post #6

Prompt: You probably have some websites that you frequently visit. Have you ever looked closely at the design elements? Now that you have completed the design readings and heard Mauve Pagé’s best practices, please pick a website of your choosing and describe what works or doesn’t work. Please post a screencap and the link.

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